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Bal Caustique

2006 show
On tour from 2006 to 2010 (220 dates)
For all ages, from 6 years old
Duration indoor: 60 mn

In an entirely white scene, dressed in pastel coloured lighting, a couple is presented, slowly sinking into a dreamlike universe, in an out of date atmosphere. The furniture that sets the scene is indeed unusual circus tools in disguise: a chest of drawers is hanging in the air like an old pendulum, a chair is rolling on the floor and a green plant is stretching its roots.
    Virtuoso, absurd, romantic, cutting, “Caustic Ball” is a tragic comedy with quirky black humour juggling cheerfully with different genres.

    “Bal Caustique” is the first of the company’s shows. It was originally created in 2006 for outdoor festivals, then for theatres at the Otono festival of Madrid. It was on tour for 5 years with nearly 220 performances in Europe on stages like the Chaillot National theatre, the Teatro Albeniz, Annecy National stage (Bonlieu), Macon (Theatre), Creteil (MAC), La Croix Rousse (Lyon)…


with: Mathilde Sebald et Damien Gaumet

Direction: Marcus Von Wachtel

Costumes: Luca Paddeu & Clementine Darros Schook

Lights:  Gloria Montesinos & David Debrinay

Technique: Rosemonde Arrambourg et David Debrinay Florent Josset et Arno Leroy

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