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on tour since 2021

Technical sheet

To the Stars! - Shaggy Circus Family show and young audience from 5 years old


One or two performances per day



47 minutes


Number of people on tour: 3 people (2 artists and a light / sound manager)

Also to be confirmed occasionally: presence of our distribution manager and 2 children


Minimum tray dimensions:

9m opening, 9m deep, 5m50 under poles



Installation of a self-supporting structure of 7m wingspan and 300kg divided into 5 supports on a base of 2m in diameter.


Platform equipment required:

Black box with Italian sweeping on at least 5 streets.

Opening proscenium curtain for the first stage.

We will hang an electromagnet on a pole. A few wires will be hung to hang light objects.



A box for 2 artists with water, mini catering and towels


Car park:

Parking with accreditation if necessary for an extended 7m Iveco van


Costume maintenance:

Washing of the costumes necessary after 3 or 4 performances depending on the series.


Assembly planning:

3 assembly and adjustment services. For a performance in the morning, the start of editing begins on the morning of D-1.

Without pre-assembly:

1st service: editing (1 stage manager, 3 appliances, 1 stage manager)

2nd service: Settings and management (1 stage manager and 3 appliances)

3rd service: Rehearsal


With pre-assembly:

1st service: assembly (1 manager and 2 appliances, 1 stage manager)

2nd service: Settings and management (1 manager and 2 appliances)

3rd service: Rehearsal


For the performance, provide the necessary staff to open the front stage curtain if it is manual.

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