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"Les Butors" technical sheet - Outdoor

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Duration: about 47 minutes - 1 performance per day


Number of people on tour: • 3 artists (+2 children aged 8 and 2, +1 au pair, +1 tour administrator to be confirmed)  


Minimum dimensions on the ground: 12m opening, 10m deep, 7m50 high

Depending on the case we may need 7m of clearance on the side to hoist the structure using the truck.

Please contact us upstream to discuss the planned space.



• Preferably quiet location with the least amount of noise.

• Flat, level, clean and accessible by truck  


Anchoring of the ground structure:

• Plan the possibility of planting 1m20 clamps in the ground.

• Check the gas, water and electricity passages.

• If it is impossible to plant pliers, provide 4 blocks of concrete (or 4 water tanks) of 800kg each minimum. Warning: no big sandbags for the weights.

Setting up: • We can be interested, when possible, by a montage the day before. In this case a night guard is essential.


• Assembly time: 2h to 3h depending on location and organization

• Disassembly time: 1h30

Provide 2 people to help unloading, mounting, crashing pliers, disassembly, loading.  


Sound & light:

• The company is autonomous in its up to 600 people. Beyond provide a reinforcement amp and speakers.

• Provide a 16A electricity supply for our sound system.

•In case of night performance, the light equipment is the responsibility of the organizer (fire plan under construction)  


Game Schedule: As the show is extremely physically intense, we ask you to be careful not to schedule it at times and locations that are too exposed to heat. A location in the shade is welcome. From mid-June to mid-August we do not accept performances before 18h.



• We need to fill a basin with 50 liters of water. Provide a water supply on site, or volunteers to carry our jerry cans and fill the basin.

• Provide carpets, benches or steps to install part of the public sitting around the structure (at the convenience of the organizer).

• Guarding of the equipment at night and during the absences of the members of the company under the responsibility of the organizer (between the end of the assembly and the beginning of the warm-ups).

• Parking space for an Iveco Daily VL truck (7 meters long, 2m wide, 3m high).

• Lodge nearby with bathrooms, catering and still water for 3 people.

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