Creation 2021

Indoor show & adaptation for street

To see with family, young public & school From 5 to 123 years

Duration: from 40 to 50 mn

Stage performance: Acrobatics and standing on structure, acro ball, electric monowheel, etc...

On stage an imposing moving structure occupies the space. One could say "Space" with a capital E, as this huge rotating machine takes into orbit everything it touches. Gigantic carousel, his movement leads to stupendous circular flights, triggers weightlessness. Space so ... the infinitely big.

Beside this totem of science fiction, a small drone flying here and there, probably in search of a printed circuit foraging. A coffee table does the service and brings his snack to a woman slumped in a sofa. A man walks, a futuristic wheel on his feet. Here and there, unctuous soft balloons invite to relaxation or play.

Two humans take a bath of modernity. A kid's dream of the 21st century ... when all this futuristic menagerie is working properly!


"It's a fact, we manage no matter how the only planet we have at our disposal, consciousness is awakening little by little, but one day our children will have to be creative and courageous enough to arrange what will still be possible. One day ... because for now their role is to learn, play, dream, laugh, awaken their brains, their emotions, their imaginations, and enjoy them fully before the reality Do not steal them, steal this present would only build a future generation of anxious and unhappy adults, quick to reproduce some bad schemes. Yet the world they grow up in is full of traps.


Progress is omnipresent, becoming as dazzling as it is banal. The screens have invaded the homes and robotics intrudes into the toy boxes. Our ways of communicating, of moving, our hobbies, everything is constantly evolving, to see upset. Each of these things is a terrible trap, but each of these things is also a great opportunity.


The love, the fascination and the vigilance against the progress that submerges us like a hurricane, that's what the show will express in its own way. A zone of calm (all relative) and wonder in the heart of the storm, in the eye of the cyclone, navigating with humor in a sea of ​​science-fiction craft. The marvelous and the fantastic will rub the more classic codes of burlesque (that we find at Tati or Chaplin) with characters in conflict with the objects. "


A show to see with family, young audience and school:

With its scenic codes and circus techniques, the show is intended for a family audience gathering all age groups. However it is thought from its conception, its duration, its nonverbal environment (or almost), its register and its physical load, so as to adapt perfectly to the young public (from 5 years) and in particular to the series of school. An educational file will be made available upstream, and meetings on the edge of the board will be organized to discuss the show and its themes.


A show in the street and in the room:

Through this creation, Cirque Hirsute marks its return to theaters, after several years devoted to street arts following artistic choices and family organizations. Today we wish to find a particular know-how to the room, developed in shows like Bal Caustique or Toccata, and which expresses itself as much through the extraordinary lighting of David Debrinay as in the shimmering costumes of Luca Paddeu and Clémentine Knight.


However, we do not want to abandon the world of street arts, which we love deeply. That is why in the spring of 2021 we will create a "street version" with all that the external constraints will allow us to keep, but also by using all that the street brings of unique, notably through its relation to the space and to the public.