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Le Blues de la Mancha

Duration: 55mm
For all ages, from 6 years old

With: Martin BdM, Eloise Alibi, Mathilde Sebald and Damien Gaumet
Direction: Mathilde Sebald et Damien Gaumet
Artistic participants:  Jeff Thiébaut , Arian Miluka, Nicolas Bernard
Costumes: Luca Paddeu & Clémentine Chevalier
Construction: Pierre Garabiol, Armand Barbet, Damien Gaumet, Mathilde Sebald

As «le Blues de la Mancha» will adapt the myth of Don Quijote into the fairground atmosphere of the early 20th century, nearly 400 years after Cervantès wrote his story, we will keep close to the original style: a humorous work full of satirical social comment.
Our performance, through the tools of circus, will give new aspects to this story and will enable us to use circus objects in the most outrageous way: A giant mill, flying barrels, tooth-extractors, epic and comic duals, and most of all, excessive disequilibrium until all sense is lost.
A dizzy flying show such as we like to do at Cirque Hirsute.

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