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AFFICHE toccata.jpg


2009 show
on tour from 2009 to 2011 (135 dates)

For all ages, from 6 years old
Duration outdoor: 45 mn / Duration indoor: 70 mn


Honour to music and love ! Honour to Circus and virtuosity !

Everything starts with a twisted upright piano crashed on the ground.  There are scores all over the floor and the ceiling. Furniture is all upside down. We can feel the end of an earthquake, due to an unknown event. An unlikely group of characters comes in : a skinny eccentric composer, courting a statuesque and frivolous diva, a massive hidalgo tenor and two out of control acrobat dancers.

    After tuning, the show begins, but when everything seems to go fine, Toccata leaves the rails and dives into absurd.

  Coming next: concerto for jumbled piano and twisted trapezes, inspired gesticulations, juggled symphony, serenade for a pathetic couple, rodeo on a rebellious chandelier, piano demolition,… and all this in the Circus way : acrobatic figures, washington trapeze, juggling, flying rope, elastics and korean frame, duet of cyr wheel and german wheel.

Joan Ramon Graell Gabriel, Mark Dehoux, Mariana Bevacqua, Mathilde Sebald, Damien Gaumet


Hervé Dartiguelongue, Olivier Antoine
David Debrinay


Luca Paddeu et Clémentine Chevalier


Rosemonde Arrambourg, Eric Rousson, Arno Leroy (indoor)
 Armand barbet et Guillaume Ozanon (outdoor)

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